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miss ene eats: Cheng Hoo Tian Teochew Restaurant

My dad and I are born 5 days apart so we’d usually have a joint family dinner. This year, we headed to Cheng Hoo Tian Restaurant located at Keong Saik Road. I read about it from a friend’s Facebook post and it is not easy to find authentic Teochew cuisine these days. The other restaurant that I know of and visit is Chin Lee at Bedok.

The entire place looked really old school and traditional. Think dark wood panels and hard wooden rosewood chairs. I remember reading a review saying that it looks like the set of the Maggie Cheung movie “In the Mood for Love“.

Here’s my dad at the entrance of the restaurant.


We made a reservation for 5 pax and were given a nice private room located on the second floor. It didn’t look too crowded, probably because it’s pretty new? Also, I noted that there weren’t any piped-in music so the hollow silence was a bit odd.

When I made the reservation, I mentioned that we are celebrating a birthday so look what we got!

2013 09 21 - Birthday Part1


6 longevity buns!

We left the ordering to mum and just sat back to enjoy the food. In fact, I think we enjoyed the food so much, no one took any photos except for the first dish.


May I point out that there were so many different types of sauces accompanying this one dish? This was a starter plate of traditional Teochew food such as shark cartilage (that translucent jelly-like thingy item) and Pork Trotter Jelly (or what we know as “ter kar zhang”). The other 2 spring roll-looking items are prawn rolls (“hay zho”) and liver rolls.

We had a lovely family dinner and towards the end, the sister presented another cake! A really light and fluffy strawberry cake. Yum.

2013 09 21 - Birthday Part11

Oh wait. I forgot to add that I also order the very-full-also-must-order Teochew dessert, or nee.


You can’t really see it but there was a small piece of lard in it. Thankfully, the portion was really tiny (like one ice-cream scoop worth) so it wasn’t too overwhelming. Probably too little for those with large appetites though!

It’s quite an interesting dinner venue with decent food. Also, the price is on the high side so I’d definitely put this restaurant in the “for special family occasions” basket. Either that, or someone else is paying 😀

Cheng Hoo Tian Restaurant
41 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089146
Tel: 6382 2222

Opening hours: 12pm – 11pm daily



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