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A cupcake surprise!

On Teacher’s Day this year (6 September), I was sick and at home. In fact, I was ill for the entire first week of September! It was a terrible time being me….

Anyway, after an entire day of napping and being drowsy from meds, I awoke to this lovely box:


Ooh! Cupcakes! For me??

It was such a lovely lovely surprise from an ex-student of mine. Jiehui was from my very first form class so they’re always special 🙂 In fact, I still have their very first class photo on my work desk. She started baking cupcakes from home and made these really amazing custom-made cupcakes. Check out what she did for my sister’s birthday. Too pretty!

I opened the box and my heart beamed.


12 cupcakes! All for ME!

Oh wow.

I couldn’t wait to eat them and ate a Cookies & Cream one immediately. It was yummy, as usual.

Thank you very much again for the sweet gesture, Jiehui!

And if you’re looking to customise cupcakes for an occasion, go check out Gooby Cakes on Facebook or on Instagram!


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