Got lay-bin or not?

The boy and I were checking out Kinokuniya a couple of weekends ago when we stumbled upon this really cute book.


It is meant to teach common Hokkien words to little kids. Check out some of the words:


I do speak a little dialect (more Teochew, than Hokkien but they’re pretty similar) and the boy speaks a little Hokkien too. We both had a fun time reading the words out loud and chuckling. Haven’t used the phrase “hong-kiu” in a long time! We’d usually just say “bear-loon”. Hur hur.

This was my favourite and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture:


Lay-bin! My grandma used to say that and I used to secretly snigger because it just sounded like she couldn’t pronounce “ribbon” correctly. Well, what do you know? It’s indeed lay-bin!

You can check out the local author’s page or the Facebook page. Other than Hokkien phrases, there are books on Teochew and Cantonese as well! Of course, Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City was where we first spotted them.


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