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The birthday surprise – Part 1

I turned a year older on Sunday. Let’s just say that I’m going to be forever 25 since like, oh, 5 years ago, yes? I can now see why women do not like disclosing their age once they cross 35 25. As the years go by, I find birthdays getting less important. It used to be a really big deal with the anticipation of presents, well-wishes, etc. Now? I try and pretend it didn’t quite happen.

Anyhoo. On Saturday afternoon, as mentioned here, we were at the in-laws for lunch. After a happy meal of mee suah (traditional birthday food, apparently), I was lounging on the sofa. The boy headed to the kitchen (with Moon in tow), supposedly to have durians. I have a tremendous fear of durians (eeeeuw) so I stayed clear of the kitchen. I was in a post-lunch comatose state when the boy appeared from the kitchen carrying a cake with a lit candle on one hand, and Moon in his other arm. He was singing “Happy Birthday” and Moon was licking his face repeatedly. She’s his #1 fan (of his singing), by the way.

I was wondering how he got the cake to his parents’ place, then realised that the day before (Friday), he told me that he’s near my workplace and can meet up with me for dinner. Apparently, he collected the cake from town, took the MRT with the giant cake box during rush hour, and headed to his parents’ place to store the cake. All in preparation to surprise me after Saturday’s lunch at his parents’.



If you have a really good memory, you may find the cake familiar because I got the exact same cake for the boy’s birthday last year. I really enjoyed the cake and casually mentioned that I want this cake for my birthday.

And that’s exactly what I got it 🙂


4 thoughts on “The birthday surprise – Part 1

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