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Lil’ things that make me happy #9

On Saturday afternoon, we were at the in-laws for lunch. I was starving so was impatiently waiting for lunch to be ready. I asked the boy what’s for lunch and he said:

Since it’d be your birthday tomorrow, mum is making mee suah!

Oh joy! I love mee suah.

I then remembered that my MIL has a knack for adding hard-boiled egg to mee suah, as well as prawns, etc. I prefer my eggs not to hard-boiled, and don’t particularly like prawns. After 5 minutes, I asked the boy again (I was hungry, remember?):

Erm, I don’t want hard-boiled eggs and prawns in my mee suah…

He quipped: Oh, don’t worry! I already gave specific instructions on how you want your mee suah. It will be made to your liking!

And when said mee suah finally arrived on the table, it had everything that I wanted. And nothing that I disliked.

The boy knows me very well indeed.



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