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A (sad) story about a dog named Sky

This is a story of 2 siblings. 2 dog siblings, to be exact.

In 2011, Moon and Sky were both given up for adoption because their previous owners “did not have time for them anymore”. You can read the full story here of how we ended up adopting Moon. I have always wondered what happened to Sky. I knew that Sky was adopted by another family but that was all the information I had. Sometimes, I’d look at Moon bounding across a large field and wonder if Sky is having a happy life as well.

A couple of days ago, I received a call from my colleague/friend YC. She was distraught. In between sobs, she shared that they found Sky again and he’s in terribly shape. Story goes: The person who adopted him (let’s call him A) gave him up because his wife made a comment that Sky “looks like an old man” (!)

Side note: And this is why the entire family/household needs to be involved when adopting/getting a new pet! Otherwise, the poor pet will end up being given away or worst, abandoned.

So, Guy A simply walked into the shop, paid Sky’s adoption fees, then brought him home. After his wife’s comment, he gave the dog away to his cousin (let’s call him B). It turns out that B’s family did not know how to take care of Sky. Not even the basics. Sky wasn’t showered frequently, let alone groomed. His nails weren’t cut and his ears weren’t cleaned. This went on for almost 2 years (!!) until one day, A visited B and noticed the terrible state that Sky was in. He – thankfully – called YC’s husband (who owns the pet shop that rescued Moon and Sky) and told him about Sky.

YC’s husband was livid. He basically took Sky back to the shop after telling B that this is abuse and neglect on their part. Here are photos taken of Sky after he was brought back to the shop:


These pictures are highly distressing to me. His fur has all but fallen off and look at his severely overgrown nails! How long has it been since they’ve been trimmed? It’s beyond words. How can someone own a dog and ignore basic care? To paint a better picture, this is how Sky looked when they were first given up for adoption:


Kuala belongs to Moon’s groomer. Sky (and Moon) were in perfect condition. Importantly, they were in perfect health. They were both well-fed and well-groomed. Now? Sky looks worst than a stray dog.

I guess the silver lining is, Sky is now safe at the pet store where he’s being nursed back to health. Slowly but surely. First step is to shave him down and to solve his terrible skin condition.


He has also seen the vet and is now on antibiotics. Vet says that he’s in bad shape with terrible skin and infected ears. Because of the skin infection, it is also affecting his eyes. His nails were also trimmed and filed, and he was also given a much needed medicated shower.


Sky currently lives at the shop where he is showered with love. It seems like he hasn’t lost his playful side despite all that he’s been through. I cannot begin to say how much it breaks my heart to see this poor boy in such a state.


His eyes can’t really open because of the infection. And the cone is to prevent him from scratching/licking the cream that has  been applied to his battered body.

We will be taking Moon to visit her brother very soon and I wonder if the siblings will recognise each other. It will be cool if they do.

In the meantime, get well soon Sky!


2 thoughts on “A (sad) story about a dog named Sky

  1. It’s really horrible! Such a handsome boy reduced to this state…I have 3 bunnies and 2 were abandoned and rescued because their previous owners lack responsibilities. Hope people read up more before they decide to keep any pet. And schanuzers are cute for their ‘ah-pek’ looks…Hope Sky recovers soon and gets a loving home!

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