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Moon turns 6 (and celebrates in style!)


Last Sunday afternoon, 5 humans and 1 dog turned up at Sun Ray Cafe (79 Brighton Crescent) to celebrate Moon turning a grand young age of 6. We celebrated her 4th birthday shortly after we adopted her, and we had a quiet celebration for her 5th (because I forgot about it!). This time, her Godpa (my ex-boss, turned friend) decided that we will throw a birthday party for her. He and his partner made all the arrangements, from booking the table, to ordering her cakes. She’s one thoroughly spoiled pooch! Domo was the only furry friend who was invited and he wore his best suit, complete with tie and belt 🙂

Moon's birthday

Moon also wore her birthday best with a bling-bling collar and hair clip from Bangkok, a gift from WT and J (thank you ladies!). Her Godpa also got her the most adorable birthday party hat from The Lil’ Rascals. It was too cute for words. The cakes for the doggies were all from The Barkery and as usual, they did a splendid job. They even provided 6 lovely tall candles for the #6 cake. How colourful are they? Best of all, they are all made with human-grade, all-natural ingredients.

Moon's birthday1

Once the cakes was all laid out, the humans went about taking a million photos. I’m not sure if the doggies knew what was going on, but they sure looked happy and excited!


Thankfully, the cafe wasn’t too crowded. It did get rather crowded later that afternoon though! Everyone took turns to get a picture with the birthday girl.


Moon's birthday2


After we were done with the photo-taking (took tons of pictures!), we lit the candles and sang her a birthday song very quickly and softly. Hehe. Moon looked a little confused with the candles…

Moon's birthday3

We all helped to blow out the candles and finally, the doggies got to eat cake!


Moon gobbled down 2 pup-cakes and a large slice of her birthday cake. Little wonder she was in a post-birthday comatose state for the rest of the day. Oh well, it’s just once a year that she gets to over-eat anyway…


Happy birthday dear Moon! You are loved very much!




4 thoughts on “Moon turns 6 (and celebrates in style!)

  1. Moon’s birthday celebration is more elaborate than mine! Hee. Happy birthday moon dog. You have brought so much love and light to your humans’ lives, bless you.

  2. Hehe I like the picture with Moon wearing a party hat. Can’t believe you managed to get her to pose with it on!

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