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What kind of work process is this, AVA?


Moon’s dog license was due on 14 June. I meant to make payment (grand total of $14) but I mistakenly read (yes, my own fault) that payment can only be made via cheque or by cash at their office premises (!). So I threw the letter into my bag and forgot about it.

2 days ago, a reminder letter came to tell me to PLEASE MAKE PAYMENT. This time, I noted that payment can be done online (phew) so I went to the necessary website and tried to make payment.

After I clicked on “make payment”, I got this message:

“Your dog licence has expired and cannot be renewed. It is an offence to keep a dog without a valid licence. Please visit our website to apply for a new dog licence immediately.”


They’re telling me that because payment lapsed, I now have to REAPPLY for Moon’s license? This means filling out a long online application form that requires all of Moon’s details again, including her microchip number, where she got sterilised (name of clinic) as well as the date she got sterilised.

What. The. F***?

This only means that if, for whatever reason, I keep forgetting to renew Moon’s license yearly, she will get a new license number every single time? MAD OR WHAT? How much paperwork are you generating for yourself? I see the value of paperwork (sometimes) but this is just INSANE!

Seriously. Who are the people behind AVA? Oh and have you seen their website? It looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1993. Try it – Look for the button to click to renew dog license. See if you can find it in 10 seconds. Then try looking for the link to renew your dog license. Oh, better yet, try and find the link to make an online payment.

Found it?


I clicked on the hyperlink that said “online payment” and got this.
I clicked on “Flexipay” and got this.
I clicked on “eNETS Credit” and got this. Huh?!
I clicked on “eNETS Direct Debit” and got this. Erm, I just want to make payment. I don’t want to become a NETS merchant?!

I am truly and utterly speechless.

And all this for….$14?

Please, tell me, who is running AVA? It  is ridiculously archaic! And we wonder why so many dog owners are keeping “illegal” dogs because one has to jump through hoops of fire (with hungry lions below) just to give them money.


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