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miss ene’s (current) favourite drink

This is NOT a paid advertorial.


My mum was the one who introduced this drink to me. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to food/drinks so I  hesitated to try. Until one day when I decided that I shall just give it a go.

And boy, do I love it! It’s not too sweet and when chilled, it makes for a refreshing quick drink on super hot days. I don’t like drinks that are insanely sweet but this contains just the right amount of sugar. There are small bits of bird’s nest in it and apparently, they’re real (or so they claim). Apparently, these are made based on the “loose” bird’s nest that fall out from the whole pieces. My mum buys them by the carton load (!) so I  have a regular supply at home.

They cost $4.80 a pop but sometimes, there are special offers at petrol stations so look out for it. Ok, I just sounded really aunty saying that but good things must share, hence this blog entry!

Oh, and you can get them online!

Once again, I am NOT being paid to say good things about this drink but thought I’d just share it because it’s sooooooo yummy.










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