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Father’s Day


We don’t like to call ourselves “Dad” and “Mum” to Moon because honestly, we’re not her dad and mum. We’re her humans 🙂  Not that we love her any less, mind you. I just find it a tad odd when pet owners address themselves as their “Daddy” or “Mummy” of their pet dog. But that’s just me.

Anyway, my point is: On Father’s Day last Sunday, we were all staying indoors because of the terrible haze and insanely hot weather (damn you haze!!! *shakes fist*). We were lounging around the living room when I spied Moon lying against the boy. It looked like they were both “sharing a moment” but I’m sure it was nothing more than Moon lying on him.


It made me smile and I had to capture the moment because even though I don’t like addressing ourselves as her “parents”, the boy displays all the qualities of a responsible father whenever it comes to Moon. Let me count the ways:

  • He wakes up earlier than usual every single day, just to walk and feed her.
  • He gives Moon lots of affection the moment he walks through the door in the evenings.
  • He tucks her into bed (sometimes) by carrying her from her napping spot to her bed.
  • He asks that she go to bed (“Moon, go to bed! Go!”) when it is time to turn off the lights.
  • He takes her jogging whenever he goes for his runs at the park.
  • He showers her when she gets dirty (we take turns but we don’t count whose turn it is to do so).
  • He soothes her (“Are you ok, Moon?”) and checks that she is okay when she takes a tumble on the stairs.
  • He gets worried when she needs to see the vet.


And in return, little Miss Moon sleeps soundly in her bed every single night and he is obviously the pack leader because whenever the boy is around, there is no miss ene (humph).



2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. I cringe whenever someone refers to us as our dog’s daddy n mummy cuz like what u said, we r obviously not her parents. I always refer to Molly as my best furry friend(bff), not my daughter.

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