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I had another dream

I had a restless sleep last night so when I woke at 9am, I decided to sleep in a little more. This was when I had a lovely dream about my late grandparents.

I was in a fluster because I was in the middle of class. The students were waiting and I had forgotten something back at the staff room. In the dream, my staff room looked nothing like the actual one. The one in the dream was open-concept and anyone could walk past easily.

While rustling through a stack of papers, I looked up to see my grandparents accompanied by another person. A lady, I remember. My grandpa was spiffy in a grey suit, exactly the same one he wore to my wedding, and the exact same one he was cremated in. My grandma was dressed in a kwa, the traditional Chinese wedding attire. Her hair was nicely done up and she had lovely make-up on. It looked like they were on the way to getting married.

They both looked jolly and were smiling. I think my grandpa was trying to speak to me but all I did was to stare at them in disbelief. It was as if my mind was saying: “Hey, you’re my kong kong and ma ma! I know you!” Yet I didn’t attempt to speak with them.

The dream ended, and I awoke.

I wonder what the dream meant. Were they getting married to each other again? Were they trying to tell me something? Guess I’d never know. But it is always nice to dream of them, and to see that they are well.

It doesn’t stop me from missing them terribly though.


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