A follow-up post

This is a follow-up post to my previous entry on Delsey luggages and why they suck. After I contacted Silkair, they sent someone down to collect my broken luggage and then replaced it with a brand new exact-model luggage. Well, the exact model but it was in boring black. Not that I had a choice but a new luggage in a boring colour is better than a broken luggage.

Fast forward to our recent trip to Europe. It wasn’t the last of my luggage woes with Delsey, apparently! This time round, the zip that goes around the entire luggage went out of alignment. RAH!!!! Mind you, my luggage wasn’t packed to the brim so I was disheartened to note that the zip has come apart on our last night in London when we were packing. This meant that my luggage couldn’t be fully zipped but thankfully, the “hole” was at a spot where most of the luggage could still be closed. Still, since it wasn’t fully zipped, I had to keep my fingers crossed that the luggage wouldn’t burst upon on the long flight home.

Thankfully, it didn’t.

This latest incident (plus a recent comment I received asking if the matter was resolved) has definitely sworn me off Delsey luggages. And I am making sure that everyone else out there who is looking for a luggage, will buy another brand. The boy recently got a new luggage and we breezed past all the Delseys that were on display.

Twice bitten, thrice shy!

So yes, I have said it before and I am saying it again: Delsey luggages SUCK. Go buy something else with your money.



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