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I had a dream.

On Saturday night, I had a short but lovely dream about my grandma. As I have a goldfish memory, I decided that I have to blog it down so that I will always remember it.

I was trudging up a hill when I came upon a temple. I wasn’t quite sure what to do but suddenly, my grandma appeared. She was dressed in exactly the same attire that she was cremated in. She looked hearty and healthy, and walked with a strong gait. I also noted that her hair was jet black and coiffered neatly (my grandma was very particular about the state of her when she was alive so it was nice to see that she had lovely hair!). She spoke to me but somehow, I could not hear anything. It was as if the mute button was on. I could see her lips moving but I could not hear anything.

Interestingly (as dreams go), I could totally understand her. She told me that I had to go pray at the temple and that she would accompany me. So we both did.

We knelt down, side by side, and clasped our hands in prayer. Our eyes closed and we prayed. At this point, I also noticed that Moon and Domo were behind us and they looked really happy. Happy to see my grandma, perhaps?

Then the dream ended.

I woke feeling joyful and excitedly told the boy and my mum that “I dreamt of Mama”. I noticed that after I was done relating my short dream, there were tears in my mum’s eyes. She said that it seems that Mama is happy and good where she is, and perhaps the dream is her way of telling us not to worry about her.

It was at this point that I teared as well and remembered again that my dear grandma is no longer with us. Perhaps the dream was just a coincidence, but to all of us, to know that she is well and happy, provides comfort.




2 thoughts on “I had a dream.

  1. Hi, Miss ene. I read your post late last night and I just want to let you know that your mama must be a really great person to be able to decide when to pass on. 从您的描述当中,您的外婆像是位虔诚的念佛人。她能自在的往生是非常了不起的。您外婆似乎在为您表现“无眼耳鼻舌身意,无色声香味触法“ —— 这也代表无常,看破,放下。


    1. Hi amtb, thank you very much for taking the trouble to leave such a lovely comment. My Chinese is not very good but I understood the meaning behind the beautiful words you wrote. My mama wasn’t perfect but she was perfect in my eyes. I do hope that she is indeed in a better place now…

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