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Dogs in Europe

Moon is a big part of our lives now so whenever we travel, we miss her terribly. It didn’t help that loads of dogs were spotted with their owners in Europe. I so wished we can do that here! We even saw dogs and their fashionable owners in luxury stores such as Chanel, Hermes, etc. Made me wonder: What would happen if the dog decides to pee on the fancy floor? Hehe.


At Harrods, there was an entire section devoted to pets and there were even live puppies for sale. Very strange and sad. Items on sale were really expensive (at least 70 pounds for a leash?!) so I couldn’t bring myself to purchase anything for Moon.

At Notre Dame in Paris, we made Moon “pose” in front of it.


…and bought a fleece blanket for her. Oh, and I got for myself a book from the Accademia Museum shop a book titled “Dogs in Galleries”.


Here’s a warm welcome by Moon when we arrived home. Awwwwww.


2 thoughts on “Dogs in Europe

  1. Aww.. cute! I liked how you made Moon pose at the Duomo.. totally copying this idea on our next trip. Like you guys, we miss Sparky loads too when we go away for too long. 😦

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