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London. Paris. Florence.

In case anyone’s wondering, I am still very much alive. I’m not sure how it happened but somehow, blogging has taken a (very deep) backseat. I blame the lack of my own space in my parents’ place. The fengshui of our room is not good for blogging. Well, that’s what I told the boy when I lamented that I can’t seem to sit down and write proper blog entries these days.

Anyway, since my last entry, we went on a much-needed 2-week holiday to London, Paris and Florence. We chose to do this trip in March/April because it was supposed to be Spring. Key word being ‘supposed’. It was freezing in London and Paris! Think big coats, scarfs and red noses (me). Thankfully, it was “warmer” in Florence with temperatures hovering above 10 degrees. We could finally ditch the big coats! I was looking through our 1,000+ photos (!) and here’s a quick snapshot of what we did in 2-weeks:


>> Battled the crazy London winds and snow.

23 - 7 April 2013 - London Paris Florence

>> Caught up with our friends over proper English tea.

To post

>> Visited the lovely British Museum and Natural History Museum.

23 - 7 April 2013 - London Paris Florence1

>> Ate yummy food. Note to all: Do not underestimate the comfort of hot noodles in 2 degrees weather!

23 - 7 April 2013 - London Paris Florence2


>> Checked out the die-die-must-go Lourve Museum and battled the crowds to gawk at Mona.


>> Ate loads of good food (and drank way too much French Onion Soup). The boy also bravely tried Steak Tartare.


>> Went shopping. I am slightly afraid to look at my credit card bill when it arrives.


>> Braved the mad cold winds and stood in line for about an hour just to ascend the Eiffel Tower at night.


>> Braved the cold again on our last night in Paris, just so we could take a million pictures of the lighted Pyramid at the Lourve. Oh, and attempted a jumping shot while the boy did the quintessential tourist shot.



>> Snapped a thousand photos of The Duomo because it was set against beautiful blue skies. And no, we didn’t go in – check out the insane queue!


>> Snapped yet more pictures at the picturesque Piazza del Duomo because this is the only place where you can snap a picture of David legally.


>> Ate (too much) pasta, pizza, steak and gelato.


>> Walked the tiny cobbled-streets and fed pigeons with our leftover bread.


>> Booked a full-day shopping tour to The Mall.


>> Went on a half-day tour to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower, and survived the 200+ steps up!


Well, that about sums up our lovely holiday. I shall attempt to blog my thoughts about the various cities in the days to come. Fingers crossed I’d get down to it!


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