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Chingay 2013

Thanks to complimentary tickets (thanks R!), the boy and I got to watch Chingay 2013 live at the F1 pit building.


Just so you, the word “Chingay” originated from the Hokkien dialect, of which the Mandarin equivalent is “Zhuang Yi” , meaning “the art of masquerade”. It was my 2nd time watching it live but the boy’s first. He looked quite excited when we got to our blue sector 🙂


There were volunteers all over the place. I was amazed at the sheer number of people lining the roads, directing the crowd!


We were seated at about 7pm (because that’s what the ticket says and we follow instructions very well). On each seat was a goodie bag contained various publicity materials, a whistle and a gold pom-pom. Please refer to model below.



There were motivators at each section who were trying to get everyone into a “rah-rah” mood but erm, we just sat there and entertained ourselves. Finally, at exactly 8pm, the parade started.


Didn’t bother taking a lot of pictures because we didn’t bring a camera and only relied on our camera phones. Also, I decided that the professional photos that will be on the internet will be of a much better quality so yeah. Two ladies seated a few rows in front of us took photos with their iPad (which looked ridiculous, by the way) and phone and camera throughout the 1.5 hour show. At one point, both were so excited, they were standing up and snapping away. Had to ask them (politely) to sit down, which they did.






I must say that the final was pretty spectacular. The theme for this year’s parade is “Fire in Snow” so during the finale, “snow” or rather, foam, was spewing from these tall structures. There was even a short fireworks display which was a nice surprise. Wasn’t expecting it. Watching the fireworks behind the “snow” was spectacular.



The foam machine was a tad enthusiastic. Look how large some of them were! I felt really erm, soapy after.


It was a rather fun experience but not sure if we’d be there again next year! If we get free tickets again, then maybe…



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