I haven’t been blogging much because there are other ways of updating – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I’ve tried to blog on many occassions. I turn on the laptop, go to, then get distracted by something or another. By the time I get back to the WordPress page, I’ve lost the mood to blog. And the vicious cycle continues. Bah.

Also, as we are now essentially living out of a room at my parents’ place, there isn’t really a lot of space to sit and blog. Ok, that’s an excuse but somehow, I just don’t get the mood to blog these days. I’ve been meaning to blog about the boy’s birthday dinner at Skirt at the W Hotel but till today, haven’t gotten down to it.

Just the other day, I was in our old neighbourhood and suddenly missed being there very much. As much as it’s lovely staying with family where we are thoroughly spoilt and doted on with homecooked meals, etc, I do miss having our own private space. To lounge around in our grubby clothes, to cook in my own kitchen, etc. Also, living out of boxes is not very fun. I cannot find a lot of stuff that I want and it’s frustrating. Many of our non-essentials are in boxes stored around the house so we are essentially just living on basics.

I really do wish we find our own place soon. But where will that be? And when?



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