The sister turns a year older!

We started off the celebrations with a lunch at House at Dempsey. The birthday girl wanted to have truffle fries. Long story short, the place is seriously understaffed and we had to constantly wave for attention. Food was mediocre at its best and service appalling. Definitely not returning anytime soon. Pffft. Anyway, never mind the food. The company was more important.

I pre-ordered a set of 12 cupcakes for her from my talented ex-student (Miss Goob!) who runs her own business. Check it out at Goobycakes! Told her what the sister likes and she did her own research by stalking looking at her Instagram account. And here’s the result!


Gorgeous aren’t they? You can easily tell that my sister’s the shopaholic in the family. Hur hur. Best of all, she absolutely loved it too. We took a million pictures with the cupcakes and couldn’t bear to eat them.

Jeneen's birthday

Jeneen's birthday1

The sister loved the Little Pony and so she chose to have it there and then. The rest of us chose one cupcake too. Mum immediately went for the Domo cupcake and bit off its mouth. Hur hur.

Jeneen's birthday2

The boy chose the little birthday cake…

Jeneen's birthday3

Dad chose the rainbow while I had the black heels.

Jeneen's birthday4

I’ve never been a fan of cupcakes because I’ve always found them way too sweet (sugar rush!) but these were awesome. Just the right amount of sweetness without being sickeningly sweet. There’s also a dollop of cream cheese just below the pretty fondant so eaten together with the fluffy cupcakes, it was divine.

I have to highlight these 2 ‘bagcakes’ – the Chanel and Celine bag. Look at the details on the Celine bag! Miss Goob knows that my sister is a fan of leopard prints so she incorporated the design onto the bag. Very thoughtful 🙂 I’ve played around with fondant before and know how much effort it takes to roll and cut them into shapes, let alone intricate designs such as these.

Jeneen's birthday5

After lunch, we headed off for coffee where we chatted and laughed loads, before heading for a lovely one hour foot reflexology session. It was a lovely time spent hanging out with family 🙂



One thought on “The sister turns a year older!

  1. Happy Birthday Jeneen!

    I think the My Little Pony cupcake is just adorable too. The Domo cake really looks like him! And the leopard print fondant is simply TOO amazing. Brilliant.

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