One of the best wedding speeches ever.

I don’t usually watch youtube videos but a colleague sent this to me. Be warned: I had to click the pause button numerous times because I was tearing. Ooops.

I’ve seen it making its rounds on Facebook but didn’t watch it. Glad I did now! It’s a little long but it’d be worth it. I was thinking that the groom and the entire wedding party looks really good. Thanks to Google, I realised that the groom is Tom Fletcher, the lead singer/founder of McFly. Ah, that explains.

And if you’re still in the mood for more wedding-related videos, here are the wedding highlights posted by his wife:

Maybe it’s the rainy weather but it made me wanna get married again! *heart melt*



2 thoughts on “One of the best wedding speeches ever.

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I got so teary as he sang such beautiful words to a beautiful tune. What a lovely wedding it looked, and it definitely lifted up my spirits for the day and make me wanna get married again 🙂

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