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Be gone, 2012!

2012 was….an interesting year. A year ago, I wrote a closing entry lamenting that 2011 wasn’t a good year. Well, that’s 2 not-so-good years in a row. Hmmm.

The highs

We started volunteering with Therapy Dogs Singapore and it has been a fulfilling experience. Somehow, Moon seem to know that she’s ‘on duty’ whenever we are on our visits and would ‘perform’ when asked to. She has added much joy and smiles to our little family and I cannot imagine our life without her. We took her swimming (which she hates), celebrated her 5th birthday and her 2nd year with us, experienced a pet cruise, attended training classes (and graduated!), went for our first slipper race.

This wasn’t a year of many travels but I’m glad I got to hang out with my mum in Tokyo where we experienced our first earthquake and hung out with the BFF in Bangkok. The sister and I also caught Roxette together and reminisced about our teen years. I also learnt how to make proper carbonara, green curry and thai basil with minced pork. Well, with pre-packed sauces but still.

We also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary at Universal Studios Singapore and my birthday at Legoland JB. The boy opted for a more muted celebration with his family and a quiet dinner at W Hotel’s Skirt (which I meant to blog about but haven’t got down to).

One of the major changes in 2012 was us moving out of our first home. We haven’t found a new home yet but living with my parents has its perks too. As the boy quipped, it’s like living in a serviced apartment with home-cooked meals. Keeping my fingers crossed that we’d find our next home in the new year.

The lows

The passing of both my grandparents in the second half of the year was difficult. My grandpa was ill for a while but it was still a shock to the system when he finally passed on. It was a double whammy for the family, especially my mum, when my grandma passed on 100 days after him. She was completely healthy and mobile so her departure shook us to the core. Till today, we still find it hard to believe that she has left. This was also the year where I attended the funeral wake of an ex-student. As cliched as it sounds, these incidents reinforced the notion that family must always come first.

On 1 January 2012, I started a little project on Facebook called ‘A photo a day – My life in 365 photo’. My aim  was to capture a single photo a day, every single day, till the end of the year where on 31 December 2012, I’d have 365 photos. Unfortunately, I did not manage to complete the project – I stopped on 6 September, the day my grandpa passed on. I just couldn’t bring myself to document my life after that on a daily basis.

It is 9pm now on a very rainy New Year’s Eve. We are 3 hours away from the New Year and I cannot wait for 2012 to be gone. Here’s wishing you a bigger, better and insanely beautiful 2013.

Have an awesome year ahead.


Hell yeah.


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