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Moon goes for a test!

In October, I signed Moon up for the Good Canine Citizen Program organised by SKC. After about 8 weeks, it was time for the test. We turned up at 9.50am in preparation for the 10am session. Moon was all ready to rock and roll. Look at her relaxed stance!


Each dog would be with one handler and be put through the various exercises that was taught in the past lessons, namely:

  • Walk on heel: Dog must walk calmly at the side of the handler. Handler and dog must complete a t-shape route.
  • Meet and greet: Dog and handler must walk in a line towards another pair of dog and handler, then halt for a few seconds in the middle when told by tester. Dog and handler to continue walking to the end of the line when told to by tester.
  • Patting by stranger: Dog remains in a sit/down position while a stranger (in this case, the tester) approaches the dog to stroke it.
  • Sit-stay-recall: Dog must sit at command and wait to be called. Once called, dog must approach handler.
  • Down-stay: Dog must remain in the down command for about 30 seconds (left picture of Moon with belly on floor) while handler walks away. Dog must remain in down position until handler returns.

The boy was observing at the side while I went through the paces with Moon. Didn’t take much photos during the test, except for this one. Can you spot me and Moon? That’s the trainer/tester Alvin at the extreme right of the photo.


I was very proud of Moon who went through all the exercises without a hitch. Well, I had her favourite snacks from The Barkery. She only gets to eat them during training so she knows the value of it. Hur hur. I love how they’ve decorated the packs for Christmas. Very pretty.


There were a total of 4 dogs that sat for the test that morning and all passed. WOOHOO! I love the picture of Moon and the boy – they’re both beaming!


Each dog and handler was presented with a certificate and a bag of dog food from Zeal. Check out Moon’s smug face in the picture below. Made us laugh.

Photo courtesy of Alvin


Obviously, Moon was only interested in the food prize. It says ‘seafood risotto’. Wow. How exotic.


Guess the training did come in handy with Moon sitting prettily amongst the many packs of dog food. She’s getting better at posing for pictures. Previously, she would turn her head away whenever I tried to take a picture. Pfffft.


Finally, a picture with the graduating class! 🙂 Notice how not a single dog was looking at the camera? LOL.

Photo courtesy of Alvin

We’re so proud of you, Moon!


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