Ang bao market rates – UPDATED for 2012/2013

I just spotted this on FB and thought I’d share it with all who still have weddings to attend. Check out my previous entry where the rates are for 2011/2012. I’m glad that all the wedding invitations have slowed down these days for us. But of course, we now get invites to baby’s 1st month parties and birthdays which we avoid like the plague.


Our wedding dinner was held at the Marriott Hotel and strangely, the rates seem to have…fallen?

In 2011/2012, it was $140-150 for weekdays and $160-$180 for weekends.

In 2012/2013, it is now $110-$140 for weekdays and $130-$170 for weekends.

Sure or not? Also, my question is: Who came up with the numbers?! And seriously, did you see the rates for Shangri-La Hotel on weekends? $160-$300 per head? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! How is it more expensive than St Regis or The Fullerton Hotel? Also, I noticed that Raffles Hotel is missing from the list. And erm, $120-$170 for Hotel Re! Really?

I’d say, take the angbao rates with a (big) pinch of salt please 🙂


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