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The big move


We headed to the lawyer’s and signed our names on the various documents. It was really happening – we were moving! The big move happened slightly over a week ago but I haven’t found time to blog about it till now.

The night before the big move saw us frantically packing because even though we started packing a couple of weeks earlier, there was still. so. much. stuff! How we managed to accumulate this much stuff in a tiny apartment in 4 years is beyond me. That’s the last packet of beef hor fun you see below that we shared for dinner on our last night. The apartment was in total disarray and at that stage, I was quite glad to be moving because it didn’t feel like my home anymore.


Nov 2012 - Moving out of Leith Grove1

We managed to finish packing our life into about 40 boxes and that night, I had problems sleeping. Maybe it was knowing that it was our very last night at our first home (sniff!), or just from nerves about moving.

Anyhow, the next day, we woke up bright and early to pack even more (never ending?!) and our appointed movers, Zealous Mover, arrived at about 1pm. It was all systems go the moment they stepped through the door. Can you spot Moon being the supervisor?


There were about 7 men and they moved EVERYTHING like clockwork. As we had to send some of our larger items to my in-laws, they sent 2 vans. They even moved our plants! And check out that clothes rack.



They brought out all our clothes from the wardrobe (those with hangers) and hung them all neatly onto the clothes rack. Layers of cling wrap were then wrapped around the clothes rack so that the clothing wouldn’t fall out during transportation. Also, this means that we can simply hang up the clothes again at the new place without having to wash/iron them again. Genius!


Very soon, all our stuff were loaded into the 2 vans and we were ready to roll. I was quite amazed how everything managed to fit into the relatively small covered van! Oh and did I mention how thankful I was that the weather was perfect?


They were just as efficient when unloading stuff at my parents’ (which is where we are putting up temporarily, until we find our new home again!). In a nutshell, we did not have to lift a finger and simply stood at the sides to tell them where the various boxes should go (e.g. upstairs to the room, or to the kitchen, etc). Two thumbs up for Zealous Mover, highly recommended!

The next day (a Sunday), we headed back to our home to clear up the various bits and pieces. I couldn’t help but snap this picture. Boo.


When we walked out of the door for the last time, I was holding onto the keys so I had to lock it. I muttered a loud “Bye house!”, much to the amusement of the boy and my mum. I had to quickly close the door and lock it behind me because I was afraid that if I were to linger a bit longer, I’d tear (and everyone would laugh at me). Did I mention that it was raining heavily when we drove away for the last time? 😦

Nov 2012 - Moving out of Leith Grove6

Oh well. As my wise friends say, we will find another home and create new wonderful memories, so….



2 thoughts on “The big move

  1. I felt this sense of emptiness too when I sign over my place without yet buying one. Thankfully, we’ve already found one and having a stressful time with the reno now. You’ll find yours too soon!

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