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miss ene’s first Slipper Race!

My alarm went off at 6.30am. I groaned and got out of bed. I can’t remember the last time I set my alarm for 6.30am. Gulp. We were off to Project Happy Feet‘s Slipper Race. I signed up for the boy and I but he wasn’t feeling too well so I packed Moon into the car and headed off to East Coast Parkway’s carpark E2. Did I mention that the roads on early Sunday morning was amazingly empty? It was a lovely drive!

I admit that my brains were still semi-asleep (ok, I was awake enough to drive!) when I drove to East Coast Parkway but I must say that I perked up suitably when I saw the slipper-clad crowd. Everyone was raring to go! It was also a bright, sunny and GLORIOUS day.

Since the boy was out of action, it was just me and Moon then! We weren’t alone though. My ex-colleagues and a friend from our Therapy Dogs Singapore volunteers group were joining the race too.

All ready in our slippers!

With fellow therapy dog Oreo and her master, V.

At about 8.15am, the race began and everyone started to walk along the prescribed route. My ex-boss, R, asked if he could walk with Moon and I was more than happy for him to do so. Frees up my hands for photo-taking!

There were a couple of other pet dogs along the route and I’m sure Moon’s sense of smell went into overdrive. So many people to sniff! New pee spots to check out!

The guy in the wheelchair above is Fong. You can read his story here. Really admirable that he joined everyone to do the Slipper Race today in his wheelchair. I felt tired at the end of the 4km walk. It must have been double the effort for him! Kudos.

Mid-way through the walk, we walked pasted the seafood restaurants and I didn’t realise that there’s a McDonald’s outlet. Spotted a few walkers stopping for a much-needed break. Heh. By this time, the sun was beating down mercilessly and it was so. darn. HOT. I can only imagine how hot it must have been for Moon.

Finally, about an hour and 20 minutes, we were at the finishing line. Well, actually, I spotted the familiar green Milo fan so we made a beeline for it. Our iced milo was definitely well-earned! Such a lovely respite in the heat…I was tempted to fill up my water bottle with iced milo but chickened out. Ha.

After hydrating ourselves, it was time to collect our goodie bags! Check out the lovely limited-edition Happy (the PHF mascot) in each bag. There were also lots of discount vouchers within, along with 2 Gardenia raisin bread and bottles of water. Lovely!

There was a booth selling PHF merchandise so I got myself a PHF button and mug! Love the message on it.

We also checked out the stage area where tokens of appreciation were given out for corporate groups, etc. I also managed to grab hold of my colleague, Grace, who’s one of the co-founders of Project Happy Feet and was busy with the day’s activities. Check out how PHF started. All from a simple holiday in Cambodia. Inspiring stuff.

The race was conveniently located beside the East Coast hawker centre so it was natural that we headed there to refuel. I haven’t had any breakfast and was pretty much starving. And so was Moon! Her usual kibbles for her and wanton mee for me. There weren’t many stalls open at that hour (about 10am) and I was staying clear of the indian food stalls after a bad bout of food poisoning a couple of weeks ago. That was a horrifying experience.

My wanton noodles that was thankfully, pretty decent. It was one of the very few stalls open!

I think the heat and hunger got to Moon because the poor girl threw up her food shortly after gobbling it down. Got me a little worried but thankfully, after we got home and she was suitably hydrated again (she didn’t want to drink much water when we were outdoors!), she ate up some food that I prepared for her and then promptly went to snooze.

It was a lovely morning well-spent. It was also nice strolling with my ex-colleagues and catching up. It’s been a while since we last met. I honestly did not realise that the entire walk took more than an hour! I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

Till next year then! *waves*


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