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GCCP: Lesson 2

For Moon’s second lesson, she had to master the ‘Down’ command. She already knows how to do it but we tell her to ‘Stay’ instead. Again, with treats, she learnt it pretty quickly. Most dogs would do ‘down’ slowly, one front paw at one time. Moon doesn’t do it gently. She does this ‘pouncing’ motion to get into the ‘down’ position. When I checked with the trainer, it turns out that it is the correct and in fact, the best way for a dog to go ‘down’. Ha.

We usually practise the new command with her on our daily walks (along with treats, of course!) so that after some time, she will associate the word with the action.

The boy also came along for the lesson so we took turns to train her. Next up: To get her to stay in the ‘sit’ or ‘down’ position until we give her the command to move. That would be a challenging one.


One thought on “GCCP: Lesson 2

  1. ‘Pouncing’ motion? Like with both front paws down and butt up in the air (i.e. downward dog position), followed by the butt lowering down until the belly is flat on the floor? Lol, I bet it looks cuter on Moon than the way I’ve described it! Sounds like you’re all making fast progress with training – keep up the great work 😀

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