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Gardens by the Bay

Took our mums to Gardens by the Bay last weekend. We had complimentary tickets because of my company’s family day but unfortunately, my grandpa passed a few days before the event day so we couldn’t make it. The tickets for the OCBC Skyway were still valid for a month so we decided not to waste it.

Notice how our mums are wearing similar footwear? Cute.

We were done with the Skyway in less than 10 minutes and were quite glad we didn’t pay to get up there. Ha. Next up: We bought tickets to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The air-conditioned surroundings were a lovely respite.

Well, I didn’t take much photos because I got rather…bored. I think our mothers felt the same way because they spent more time chatting than admiring the surroundings. I guess the crowds didn’t help too. Everyone was clamoring to get photos with the flowers, shrubs, etc. Urgh.

Anyway, I can now say that I’ve been there but I don’t think I’d be back again anytime soon. I don’t mind the outdoor gardens where we can take Moon for strolls but I much prefer Bay East Gardens across the bridge. Much more peaceful, much quieter.


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