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The doggies get new collars (again)!

Domo’s birthday is round the corner and last year, I got him a new bandana. This year, I decided to order a new collar from PawGlam! The online pets accessories store is run by Aiwei who does 100% handmade pet collars. She had a little store at the TDS get-together but it was hard for me to browse with Moon trying to sniff everything in sight. Along with the goodie bag we received on that day, there was a voucher so I decided that Moon and Domo will both get new collars! Heh.

As the collars are handmade, it took a few weeks before I received them. It was so cute to see the large envelope addressed to “Domo and Moon”. Awwww. The collars also came very nicely wrapped. Perfect as gifts!

I got Domo a collar and tie set while Moon got a matching lady-bug collar, to go with her outfit!

Don’t you think Domo looks like he’s a businessmandog and heading off to an all-important meeting? Hur hur. As usual, it was near impossible to get a picture of them beside each other, except to wave snacks in their faces.

Can’t wait for our next doggy outing where they can don their new collars!


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