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Off on a pet cruise!

We won a pet cruise and on 23rd September, we decided to make that trip!

We booked the 3pm slot and drove across the island to SAF Yacht Club at Admiralty Road West. Really far! The person in charge of the cruise, Joe, came to the main entrance to meet us. Check out all the boats!

He mentioned that there would be another family who will out at sea with us. We took a short walk at the jetty and came to the “cruise”. As you can see, it is more of a motorboat that can seat 10 passengers (including pets!).

Moon seemed pretty excited and checked out every corner of the boat by sniffing it. She didn’t look particularly uncomfortable or nervous though, which was a good thing! She also quickly made herself comfortable on the seat.

On board was another poodle and….2 tortoises!

Moon was thoroughly fascinated by them. She kept checking them out by going really close, then taking 3 steps back. I think she was curious, yet apprehensive. It was hilarious to watch!

The boat came well-prepared for pets, with kitchen towel, plastic/paper bags, etc for on board erm, accidents. Thankfully, Moon was well-behaved and no accidents occurred.

There were also wooden boards blocking off the front/back areas of the boat so that over-enthusiastic pets wouldn’t find themselves in the water accidentally. There was also a large ice-box at the back of the boat to keep drinks chilled. There was beer in there!

Once everyone arrived, we set off for Woodlands jetty. Check out Moon enjoying the strong wind in her fur! Moon was standing on a platform so that she can look out to sea easily. That was another nice touch.

We could see the shipyard and Senoko from where we were and right across was Johor Bahru!

We dropped anchor when we got to Woodland jetty (never knew it existed!) and it was time for Moon to go swimming! A pretty pink and white polka-dot life jacket was provided. The boy suited her up and carried her into the water.

She doesn’t quite like swimming though so we fished her out of the water soon. We didn’t get into the water so what we did was to hook her leash onto the life jacket and let her swim at the side of the boat. There was fresh water on board for us to hose down Moon so that was useful. I think she was very happy to be on dry land again.

Joe also kindly provided complimentary tea-break of fried rice and braised chicken wings. They were prepared by his girlfriend 🙂 It was a nice touch. No, Moon didn’t get any.

Thanks to the strong winds, Moon was dry in no time, hence the happy face again. We moved off from our spot and headed towards JB because we wanted to see how close we could go. Apparently, as long as you don’t disembark from the boat, it is ok. That big colourful building you see in the pictures below is Johor Bahru.

We spent most of the time enjoying the breeze and admiring the scenery. It’s nice to be out in the sun and on water! It made me miss my wakeboarding days. Ah, memories…Moon also looked pretty contemplative at some point. Hur hur.

Can we do this more often?

Check out Moon’s wind-swept fur look. Not a good look, I say. She seemed to really enjoy herself and didn’t look fearful or nervous at any point.

As we were heading back to the jetty, we came up really close to this HUGE cruise liner. I was really excited that we were -so- close! I think it was undergoing maintenance/servicing.

Soon, our 2 hours of fun came to an end and it was back to dry land again for 2 humans and 1 royal furry-ness. It was great fun!

A family shot to end it all. Well, ok, I lie. This was taken at the start of the cruise, before we movedoff. Notice our nice and neat hair/fur?

Check out their website for more details:


5 thoughts on “Off on a pet cruise!

  1. What an adventure! Moon looks like she was born to be Queen of the Seas. I like her wind-swept look, it’s adorable. And it’s great that life-jackets are provided so the furry ones can take a dunk in the water….lol!

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