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We have news.

I have some news for all of you. No, we are not expecting a baby.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way. Here’s the news:

Are you ready?

*deep breath*

We are going to move!

Yes. We are leaving our very lovely abode at the end of November (sob!!) which means that very soon, we have to pack up about 4 and a half years of our life into boxes. We moved in on 21 June 2008 and it is our very first home together. I still remember being all excited about it when we signed on the dotted line.

I know that I’m being overly emotional towards an inanimate object (it’s a HOUSE, for goodness sake) but it’s our very first home! We spent lots of time and effort on it. Every corner, wall colour and curtain, was chosen by us! Do a search on this blog and you’d see all the times we spent poring over wallpaper design, wall colours, the type of mattress to buy, the brand of tv, the list goes on.

It took a while for reality to settle in and I’ve started to speak to movers. Oh and if you have any good ones to recommend, please let me know! Many have also advised us to start packing early, i.e. by throwing away stuff that we don’t need/use, so that we don’t end up packing it all up, just to throw it away later. I guess I’d start in…October.

For the record, we don’t have a new home yet. We’d be moving to my parents’ while we look for a new place.


3 thoughts on “We have news.

  1. Sounds very familiar becos I’ve also sold my place, to move out by early Nov and have yet to buy a new one!!! And yes, I’m moving to parents too!!! Hahaaaaa.

  2. Hello! Haven’t left a comment in a long long time. Heh. Anyway I wanted to say that I recently just moved out of my first home too, and it was also super emotional for me. So I can totally understand what you mean. All the best for the move and yes…do start packing early! You will be very surprised by the number of things you have accumulated in your apartment!

    1. Hi Zee! Thanks for dropping by again. Well, the boxes have arrived so we’ve started to pack stuff that we don’t touch. Amazing how much stuff we accumulate in that small space!

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