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Labrador Nature Reserve

We found ourselves at the west side of Singapore last Sunday because we originally wanted to head to Hosted On The Patio but when we arrived, we discovered that it was close. Alamak. We detoured to Alexandra Village Food Centre where we had super charred and super  black char siew rice from Lau Phua Chay Roasted Delicacies.

See what I mean? You can barely make out the char siew pieces. I thought it was ok and I’ve had better. Not sure what the fuss is about! Anyway, after lunch, the boy decided to take us to Labrador Nature Reserve for a walk. I’ve never been there so had no idea what to expect. As you can tell from the clear blue sky, it was a hot afternoon!

We took a relatively long walk, passing through Reflections at Keppel Bay. Interestingly, there were quite a lot of empty units. Also encountered quite a few expat families where their little ones came up to pat and say hi to Moon. One little girl stooped down and hugged Moon’s body. That was quite an awwww moment. Her parents said that they’ve never seen her do that before.

It was a lovely day out and Miss Moon passed out cold after her dinner which is quite typical after a day out in the sun.


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