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My Dog Dou Dou

Stumbled upon this soon-to-be-released movie titled “My Dog Dou Dou”. Check out the trailer here:

This is a local movie and it is the very first time that a local movie has a dog as a central character. You can read the synopsis here. Our local veteran actor, Zhu Houren, stars in it too. Apparently, Flapper (the dog) was refused entry to the premiere of his own movie because of “rules and regulations in Singapore”. Tsk tsk.

I’m tempted to go catch it but am also a little nervous because usually, I’d end up a teary mess whenever I watch any movies involving animals (dogs, horses, cats, etc). I remember watching “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” (a remake of the Japanese film “Hachiko) and when the main character played by Richard Gere died, I did not shed a single tear. However, when Hachiko, his faithful dog, passed on, I sobbed like a child. The boy was very amused.

I also read Marley and Me (one of my favourite books!) and remember having to shut the book with a loud ‘thud’, take a deep breath, and compose myself before attempting to read it further. I couldn’t continue to read because my vision was blurry with tears. When we watched the dvd version, I made the boy stop the movie at the bit where Marley was limping up the steps of the house. I knew how it was going to end and I was afraid of bawling. Till today, I have no idea how the movie ended.

So yes, I’m a wimp when it comes to movies involving animals, especially dogs. I’d really like to watch “My Dog Dou Dou” but I’m positive I’d end up tearing. Decisions…decisions…


3 thoughts on “My Dog Dou Dou

  1. I know what u mean. I ended up in tears while watching Hachi too! I watched “Marley and Me” on the airplane and it was really bad. The tears kept falling and people were staring at me. 😦 Not sure if I wanna watch this show too..

  2. Hi Blogger! Happen to chance upon your blog…i am the owner of the dog, Flapper, from the movie. Thanks for posting the movie in your blog. After last night gala, if you are as teary as you wrote, this movie will be of no exception. Half the cinema walked out crying….

    But i do hope you will enjoy the show if you can! Cheers!

  3. Hi, I’ve watched the movie, it was rather comedian until the last 15mins that probably drive you to tears. However, it will be a pity to have missed the movie…

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