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L is for Ladybug(s).

We received an invitation to TDS’ (Therapy Dogs Singapore) Get-Together last month and we signed up for it. We, as in, the boy, Moon and I were supposed to go together but he had a work trip to Tokyo so I ended up heading to it on my own with Moon. There were 3 games/events that we could join so on a whim, I decided that Moon and I will take part in the ‘Best Dressed dog and owner’ event. Moon has quite a few ‘dresses’ so I decided to choose one of her dresses and I’d design something similar.

She has a ladybug dress I bought from Tokyo so I decided we’d both go as ladybugs! Well, ladybugs if you are from the US and ladybirds if you’re from the UK. Same same but yet different 🙂

I turned to Google for images of ladybugs (I searched ‘ladybugs costume’) and after pages and pages of searching, I managed to find this one that’s pretty easy to replicate and most importantly, not bordering on some sort of kinky bedroom gear. Don’t believe me? Try searching the term. Pffft.

[Image from the web]

Since my sewing skills are next to naught (yes, I can sew a button but that’s about it), I decided to seek the help of the BFF who’s into craft work and all. She’s the one who made all the cute crotchet stuff for Moon! She came up with a design and one Saturday morning, we headed down to Golden Dragon Store at People’s Park Centre to buy the felt material for the ‘wings’. I never knew the existence of this shop and it’s a wonderland for anyone who’s into craft work! It was filled to the brim with materials, threads, needles, etc etc. You name it, they probably have it!

We purchased bits of black and red felt cloth and then headed home to start work. Coincidentally, she had a black flare skirt that would be perfect for the costume!

We took over the living room and got down to work. Well, she did most of the work while I helped at the side 😉

After about 2 hours of work, we were done! Ta-dah!

Ok, I had to pixelate my face because I looked terrible. But check out the cute outfit and headgear! I couldn’t wait to put it on for the event.


Fast forward to 1 September. I transformed into a ladybug and put on the ladybug dress for Moon. When we turned up, I was extremely self-conscious because I did not really know anyone else there and it was hard not to get attention dressed like that! I was looking out for the rest of the contestants (there were apparently 7 other human-dog teams who signed up) but I couldn’t spot anyone else. Well, save for one other lady who was dressed up in a Captain America t-shirt + denim shorts. Her dog was wearing a similar print bandana. But no one else dressed up! Whaaaat?!

I ended up not taking many pictures at the event because it was quite a feat trying to manage Miss Moon, my bag (holding all her stuff) and not look awkward dressed like a ladybug. The afternoon was filled with interesting pet-related talks, games (below is the sit-and-stay game for dogs – Moon will surely lose, hence we didn’t sign up) and best of all, Moon got a treat from The Barkery as they had a stand on-site and were giving out free meat pies to the doggies. Awwww.

We had a quick tea-break and I took a chance to take a photo of Moon with her fellow therapy Schnauzers, Sniper and Hana. How adorable are they?

Soon, it was our turn to go on stage for the event. All the ‘contestants’ queued up at the side of the stage and I realised that all (except for two other team) dressed up their dog but not themselves. Isn’t the event called “Best Dressed dog AND owner”? Hmmm…

Other than the Captain America team, there was another team (poodle and a male owner) dressed up as pilots. The toy poodle named Cadbury even wore a little pilot’s hat. Super adorable! His owner turned out to an actual pilot so he actually wore his uniform. Heh. All teams had to do a little catwalk (dog walk??) on stage followed by a quick interview by the emcee.

Oh, did I forget to mention that the winning team would walk away with a prize sponsored by Pet Cruise? Basically, you get to spend 2 hours on a motor catamaran out at sea with your dog! This must be a first in Singapore as I’ve never heard of such a service.

Photo credit to Jacus Long

Anyhow, after all 8 teams ‘showed off’ their attire on stage, it was up to Joe, the owner of Pet Cruise, to make a decision on who is the winner of the event. He took one last walk in front of all the ‘contestants’ and then declared the winner to be:



Yay us! We won! We won! I don’t think Moon knew what was going on though but never mind! We’d be off on a ‘cruise’ soon! And yes, this was the only photo I took and I wasn’t wearing the “feelers” yet. I only wore them just before we went on stage. Hur hur.

Photo credit to Jacus Long
It was a pity that we had to leave before the end of the afternoon’s program as we had to head to the airport to pick up the boy. He was very pleased to hear that we won 🙂
Photo credits to The Barkery Singapore (indicated with watermark on photos) and Jacus Long (as indicated).

3 thoughts on “L is for Ladybug(s).

  1. Kinky ladybug/bird bedroom gear?!?! I’ll HAVE to check that out… but not while I’m in the office.

    Enjoy the cruise, babe. Takes lots of photos of you and Miss Moon enjoying the high life on the seas!

  2. Teresa made that in two hours?!?! She is a genius!!

    And I don’t want to know why people have kinky ladybird outfits. Seriously!!

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