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miss ene has a new bike!

Recently, we’ve spent quite a bit of time cycling at the various park connectors. We don’t own a bike so we’ve been renting them from the bicycle kiosks at the parks. Each bike costs $8 for an hour’s rental which is not exactly cheap. To cut a long story short, the boy decided that it would be more cost efficient in the long run if we purchase a bike. Due to a lack of space at home, a foldable bike would be a good idea.

One Friday evening, he sent me me this text message:

“Want to go check out bikes after work today?”
“Sure”, I replied immediately.

We headed to My Bike Shop located at Sin Ming. This is their 2nd outlet and I love that it’s called “My Bike Shop Too”. A sense of humour! I like!

There were loads and loads of foldable bikes on sale. I was a little overwhelmed. I know nothing about bikes!

Thankfully, we were approached by a young sales assistant named Ian. We told him what we were looking for and he introduced a couple of bikes to us. We even got the chance to “test-run” the bike. Had to exchange our identity card for a yellow armband for the wrist. I’m guessing some people actually ride off with the bike. Tsk tsk.

After a quick whirl around the area in front of the shop, it was decided: We got the Tern Link D8 which is a “jack of all trades”. It comes with 20 wheels, 8 gears and weighs 12.1kg.  Apparently, it folds/unfolds in 10 seconds too. I’m guessing it might take me a wee bit longer at the start. They come in a variety of colours but the shop only had the yellow/white in stock which I quite liked anyway.

This is how it looks folded up:

And it fits into the car boot! To be honest, it is a bit of a tight squeeze but that’s because our car boot space is tiny!

Ian also threw in a free bell and water bottle holder and after the boy paid up, we headed for dinner at a nearby bak kut teh place and collected the assembled bike in about 45 minutes. I also purchased additional fenders and safety lights.

I couldn’t wait to ride my new bike so the moment the weekend rolled around, we took it out for a spin! It has been a long time since I woke up early (i.e. before 9am) on a weekend so it was rather momentous. Waking early to exercise! Healthy or what?

As you can tell, we don’t have any basket or attached bag yet so I had to improvise and hung my bag on the front of the bike. Coincidentally, the BFF’s hubby has a Tern basket that he does not use so she’s going to pass it to me. Hurray!

Previously, the boy and Moon would jog while I will be walking behind, trying my darnest to catch up. Now that I have my bike, as the boy rightly puts it, “the slowest has now become the fastest”. Ha! I’d take Moon with me while I cycle and now, the boy is the one lagging behind. Heh.

Here’s Miss Moon taking a much-needed rest on the grass. We must have covered about 5km that morning 🙂 Headed off for a meal of prata, wanton mee and iced teh-c after which was anything but healthy. Burp.

When we got home, the best husband in the world helped to unload my bike from the car, carried it up to our home, then painstakingly sat outside and cleaned the bike.



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