How to look slim in an instant.

See any resemblance?

Exhibit 1:

Exhibit 2:

Hur hur.

That’s Moon at the groomer’s getting her ‘bottom curtain’ shaved off. She usually gets a typical schnauzer cut but that leaves a lot of fur on her body. Thought I’d get her regular groomer to remove all that fur to see how she looks. Also, whenever her fur gets long, everyone would comment that she’s ‘fat’. She’s not fat, ok?! She’s just…furry!!

Here’s Miss Moon without her curtain:

She immediately looks lean and trim now. Amazing what a cut can do. But yes, we left the fur on her head pretty much intact (save for a trim). I was going for the mohawk look in the bottom-right picture.


4 thoughts on “How to look slim in an instant.

  1. I groom Molly by myself & I always give her a crew/puppy cut because the standard cut is too hard to maintain with all the twigs/bugs sticking onto her each walk. It makes household chores doubly hard! By the way, my hubby saw my reply to your comment & kept nodding his head regarding the meet up with Moon. We’re definitely looking forward to it!

    1. Oh wow, you groom Molly?! Much respect. I only dare trim the overgrown fur that irritates Moon’s eyes. The moment she starts to look a little shaggy, I’d send her off to the groomers (which is a stone’s throw away from where I live). I watched the video of Molly eating slowly and realised that Moon has the exact food bowl too! Also, I noticed that Molly’s ears are ‘standing’. Moon has floppy ears.

  2. Moon is adorable! I’ve two boy schnauzers and we groom them at home 🙂 it is pretty tiring, but a great way to bond with the little fellows.
    Look forward to more Moon posts.

    1. Hi hyacinths! Thanks for leaving a comment. Just had a peek at your blog and your schnauzers are adorable too! I don’t quite dare to blog too much about Moon in case my blog readers get annoyed/bored with my gushing. Ha!

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