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Lao Ban tau huay: PASS!

I’ve noticed that I get a lot of hits on this blog from people searching for ‘lao ban tau huay recipe’. I believe most of them end up on this entry with the recipe and this other one detailing our first attempt.

Since then, the boy has been hard at work, trying to perfect the recipe. He has this little quirk which I find quite endearing. When he finds something that he likes, he will keep at it till he perfects it. He was like that with pandan cake, making it repeatedly until he made a version that he was happy with. He would tweak the recipe and try it out with different combinations, e.g. replacing brown sugar with gula melaka, etc.

He did the same with the lao ban recipe that a colleague shared with me in December last year. I am not sure where he obtained the receipe from but it looks like it was taken from this site. Let me reiterate that we did NOT create this receipe. It was shared with me by a colleague.

Since then, he had been busy in the kitchen, trying to replicate the lao ban tau huay using the recipe. He even tried it with fresh soya bean that he bought from the market (note: doesn’t work!). He played around with the quantities of the ingredients and we became his guinea pigs. He even tried to add Horlicks to it but that didn’t quite work out.

After months of “experiment”, I am now pleased his version of lao ban tau hway. Note that the quantities indicated are slightly different from the original source, i.e. he uses less sugar so that it’s not too sweet. Also, he adds hot water directly, instead of boiling it over a stove.


  • ‘Polleney’ soya bean milk powder x 30gm (click here to view – can get from NTUC/supermarkets)
  • ‘Unisoy’ soya bean milk powder x 15gm (click here to view – as per above)
  • ‘Nestle CoffeeMate’ powdered creamer x 12gm
  • ‘Phoon Huat’ jelly powder (click here to view) x 4gm
  • Fine sugar x 8gm
  • 350ml hot water (normal boiled water)


  1. Pour all ingredients into mixer. If no mixer, just a whisk.
  2. Add hot water into ingredients.
  3. Mix thoroughly.
  4. Pour out into individual bowls. You may like to run the liquid through an oil sieve to smoothen the texture.
  5. Leave to cool to room temperature.
  6. Place in fridge to solidify.

Dry ingredients ready in the mixer.

Adding hot water into the dry mixture.

Turn on mixer – MIX!

Use an oil sieve to remove all the bubbles.

The final product. Ta-dah!

Go try it and let me know if it works for you too! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Lao Ban tau huay: PASS!

    1. As mentioned in my entry, I got the receipe from a colleague who sent it to me a couple of months ago, before NoobCook wrote about it. Not sure the source but I think it could have been from the same HWZ forum. I’ve edited my entry to reflect this more clearly, i.e. the recipe is NOT from me. We only TWEAKED the recipe.

  1. wow, you used a kitchen aid mixer to blend the ingredients. That’s a great idea as it is not easy to fully dissolve the powder in the hot water. I too reduced the instant jelly powder to give it a softer and more wobbly texture. Looks like your hubby’s tenacity paid off as the end result looked really good =)

  2. Hi

    I tried the recipe but somehow the mixture didn’t solidify. Ended up drinking it (soya milk) instead. LOL. Tried increasing the jelly powder by 1 gm also didn’t help. =( What went wrong?

    1. Hi Adeline, did you use the jelly powder that is specified in my entry, i.e. the jelly powder from Phoon Huat? I checked with the chef (i.e. the boy) and he said that if it doesn’t solify, it’s because he forgot to add jelly powder.

  3. Miss Ene, I did put the PH jelly powder. Even increased it by 1 gram during my 2nd attempt. Maybe I should try a 3rd time since the others are supportive of this receipe. “P

      1. Thanks..i only manage to fill one bowl in the original lau ban waiting for it to cool n put into fridge..

          1. Hi…I managed to fill 3 bowl of lao ban container after I double the ingredients…but everything is good…my friends tried..abit strong soy taste at first but it’s still good..they love it..thanks for the recipe…:)

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