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Moon turns 5!

The boy was away in Tokyo for a short business trip during the week and he returned on Saturday. He pulled out a prettily-wrapped gift pack from his luggage and and said that it’s for Moon.

He then exclaimed: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON!!

I thought he was kidding. Then it hit me.

Moon was born on 7.7.07. It was 7.7.12 on Saturday which means that IT WAS MOON’S 5TH BIRTHDAY! And the best part? I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT!


I’ve been telling everyone that her birthday’s really easy to remember and I clean forgot about it. Dear dear me. 😦 What an absolute fail whale moment.

I quickly called Doggiestyle Cafe to check if they have cakes that I can purchase off the rack. Unfortunately, they did not have any and cakes need a minimum of 3 days to be processed. Boo. I remembered that there’s another doggy bakery called The Barkery Singapore and decided to give them a ring. The lady who answered my call, Ann, was really friendly and she assured me that a cake can be made for Moon in 2 hours. TWO HOURS! It was about 2.30pm when I spoke to her. To cut a long story short, I ordered a beef with sweet potato icing 5-inch cake for Moon and would pick it up from their newly-opened store at Upper East Coast Road by 5.30pm.

We usually have dinner at the in-laws on Saturday so we decided to celebrate Moon’s birthday there. I love how the ‘Happy Birthday’ sign is also purple to match the cake. And check out how the box is prettily wrapped. It’s all in the details, baby!  As an opening special, Moon was also given a complimentary ‘Fish Pupcake’. Yeay!

The moment I removed the cake from the box, Moon wouldn’t leave my side. Her nose went into overdrive and she looked like she couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into her birthday cake. But first, she had to wait for us humans to have our dinner. Hur hur.

I love her expression in the photo where the boy is lighting the candle on her cake. She almost looks a tad worried. We also had a hard time trying to keep her from licking the sweet potato icing (which she LURVES). In fact, I think she might have snuck in a lick when she thought we weren’t looking.

Once the candle was lit, we sang her a chinese birthday song with gusto. I have a feeling she wasn’t quite sure what was going on.

I blew out the candle on her cake and sliced it into half. Keeping the other half for the next day. Too much cake in one sitting wouldn’t be good for her digestion.

But wait. Before she could sink her teeth into her cake, she had to do some ‘work’ first. My MIL made her pick 4D numbers! It was soooo hilarious.

The number turned out to be 2221. Hur hur. Not too sure if my MIL will buy it but watch this space – if she strikes it big, I’d let you all know. After what seemed like forever (according to Moon), she finally got to sink her teeth into her birthday cake.

From the way she was attacking it, I’m pretty positive she enjoyed it very much. In fact, she kept looking at me with a ‘No more cake?’ expression when she was done with half the cake.

Happy 5th birthday Moon! Woof!


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