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Lil’ things that make me happy #8

Scene: I was snuggled comfortably in bed reading this week’s 8 Days. The boy was beside me reading on his iPad.

Me: Alamak! I left my iPad in the living room. I need to “harvest” my food that’s cooking on the stove for Bakery Story. [I’m referring to the game called Bakery Story that involves “cooking” food on stove and earning coins.]

The boy: Oh no, then how?

Me: Aiya, never mind lah. Let the food spoil then. I’m too lazy to move.

The boy: Huh? How can like that? Never mind, *hops out of bed* I go get for you.

He then comes back with my iPad so that I can “harvest” my food.

He got out of bed just to fetch me my iPad because of a silly game? This boy’s a keeper 🙂


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