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Moon goes swimming!

It was a sweltering hot Saturday so we decided to take Moon for a swim at K9 Kulture located at Turf Club Road. I read on their website that they have dog-friendly swimming pools that are open to the public on weekends and public holidays from 1.30pm to 5.30pm.

Here are the various rates taken from their website:

Thankfully, Moon fell under the ‘Small Dog’ category so after I paid up at the reception counter, we headed to the pool area. Just before entering, we hosed Moon down as per instructions. There was only one other dog using the pool when we got there and he was extremely interested in sniffing Moon’s butt. As usual 😀

The pool area (which is enclosed) has 2 pools, a shallow one and a smaller deep pool. The shallow pool has slopes at one side to make it easier for the doggies to get into the water. There were also rubber mats placed on the slope to make it less slippery. Thoughtful!

The boy was the designated ‘swimming instructor’ (in other words, he will be the one getting wet while I snap the pictures – hur hur) so he got into the pool and tried to get Moon into it. As you can clearly see from these pictures, Moon wasn’t too keen on getting in despite lots of cajoling and encouragement. Oops. She did try and put her front paw into the water but she’d retreat the moment we tried to get her to go further.

A couple of nights ago, we watched on ‘Dog Whisperer’ that one should never try and force a dog into the water. Instead, we should introduce it to her slowly with treats and to let her feel safe. So that’s what we did: We used treats to try and guide her in and the boy carried her in his arms to let her feel the sensation of water surrounding her first.

I then spied this sign:

Did you notice that the word ‘buoyancy’ is spelt incorrectly?

Anyway. Yes, apparently, there were swim vests available at the side of the pool. There were various sizes for various types of dogs so after trying on a couple, we found one that fitted Moon perfectly. Maybe having a floatation device on will make her feel less stressed about being in the water…

We tried again to get her into the water with treats and lots of encouragement and this time round, she was more confident. Having said that, she didn’t quite look like she enjoyed it, choosing to swim to the edge and resting her paws on it. I guess her behaviour is similar to humans. Remember how when we first learnt how to swim, we’d usually stay close to the sides and would quickly hold onto the edge to hang on? That was exactly what Moon was doing.

She hasn’t quite mastered the art of swimming as she’d be using her front paws to splash around while her back legs remain stagnant. The boy even tried to teach her by moving her back legs for her. Haha. Nonetheless, thanks to the swim vest, she became more confident and managed to swim a couple of lengths up and down the pool. Hooray!

Here’s a short video of a successful swim, motivated by a snack I was holding (plus a lot of encouragement at the side!):

We were like proud parents, watching Moon go around the pool. She still didn’t quite look like she was enjoying herself (check out her expression!) but at least she gave it her best shot. A couple of times, when she looked a little worn out, the boy would carry her in his arms to make her feel safe. Awwwwww.

Soon, the hour was up and it was time to get out of the pool. It was also getting crowded with more canine (and human) friends. The larger dogs were having a field day jumping into the pool and retrieving the rubber ball thrown by their owner!

Also, poor Moon looked pretty exhausted by her first attempt at swimming. Look at that serious and tired face.

After a quick towel dry, it was off to a post-swim snack at the K9 Kafe (which serves both human and dogs). Since she probably expended all her energy trying not to gulp water during her maiden attempt at swimming, we decided to reward her with her favourite snacks:

It was all gone in 60 seconds. Probably less. But I think little missy deserved it. After exercise, treats and yummy food, this is a happy face, yes?

We’d be back again soon for more swimming and hopefully, in time to come, Moon will be a happy camper in the water.

K9 Kulture
100 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287992 

Tel: 6314 9363


3 thoughts on “Moon goes swimming!

  1. I told my hubby that we should bring my dog there to try swimming. I bet my dog is as petrified as Moon if I bring her to a giant pool of water.

    1. You should! Just don’t throw your dog into the water. That would just traumatise her. It’s a lovely thing to do on a hot weekend afternoon! Don’t forget sunblock – I think I’m a little burnt.

  2. Oh yes, I remembered that episode of Dog Whisperer. It does take a while before Moon will get used to swimming. Sparky used to hate swimming but after 3 outings to the beach, he’s now a water baby in the sea. Looking forward to the day Moon will ‘ditch’ the life vest and swim like a pro! 😉

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