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We’re home!

Having watched one too many Youtube videos of dogs welcoming their soldier owners home, I decided to turn on the video function when we got home from our recent Bangkok trip. You know, just to see if Moon would be as excited to see us.

Well. It looks like she is pretty excited but not out of this world excited. And did you notice that she completely ignored the boy and came running towards me at first? In fact, I think Domo was more excited to see us! Mum came to get us from the airport so he was hanging out with Moon at our place.

Silly beanies. But I love them so 🙂


5 thoughts on “We’re home!

    1. I guess I was comparing Moon’s reaction to the ones in the video I linked to. I watched the video again and I guess she was excited. Her butt was shaking because she was wagging her tail so hard! LOL.

  1. Hey Ene! Just wondering if you know of anyone who has a male schnauzer interested in mating with my female? I’ve posted in Pets Channel & Facebook Singapore Schnauzer Club but no news.

    By the way, my dog is more excited when my hubby is back home. My dog knows that I’ll only acknowledge her only after I’ve finished putting down my stuff & only when she’s calm.

  2. Managed to track down a friend who has a male schnauzer. Now to keep my fingers crossed that the mating be successful!

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