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A quick date with Little A

Met up with Ms Yann for an impromptu tea-sesson in town and I got to meet Little A again. How cute is her little man??! Check out his various expressions. Too cute. Can’t help but to caption them:

Top-left: Am I supposed to smile?
Top-right: Oh yes! I’m supposed to smile into that thing! *cue big smile*
Bottom-left: Ooh, this is fun! I’d try a smile while sticking out my tongue.
Bottom-right: O…kay. What’s this woman trying to do? My belly button’s showing, woman!

I like Mr A because he is one of the few babies who do not scream and cry when he is in my arms. Most babies hate being carried by me but they love being carried by the boy. Maybe it’s the bony shoulders and arms (mine, not the boy’s). Shrugs. I’m guessing Mr A was ok with me carrying him because his momma and me have a similar body frame! Heh.

It was good seeing you again, Miss Yann!



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