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It’s a cuppycake Monday!

On Sunday afternoon, I decided to make cupcakes again. It’d be my second time making these lemon and poppy seed cupcakes but this time round, I decided to try  it with a cream cheese topping instead. Googled for a recipe and found this one. I didn’t use 2-3 cups of powdered sugar (I used icing sugar which I think is the same?) because that’s A LOT OF SUGAR, CAN??! I just added sugar to the mixture bit by bit until it tasted ok. Also, I added a dash of lemon juice.

I have to add that no thanks to Singapore’s humidity and heat, the cream cheese topping looked like it was in danger of melting into a puddle of goo (see pictures!). They looked a lot better after I popped the cupcakes into the fridge for a bit. Pffft.

I am pleased to add that the cupcakes went down very well with my colleagues when I took them to work today. Looks like I’d have to bake more this weekend!


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