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miss ene is off to a fashion show

Last Monday, I spotted this on Lush 99.5‘s Facebook page:

I quite like Raoul’s clothes and thought it’d be fun to check out their collection at the Fashion Festival. I went to the first Fashion Fest a couple of years back and it was a pretty fun experience.

On a whim, I took part in the competition and pretty much forgot about it it. I mean, I’m sure they received loads of entries! Checked my email earlier this evening and gasped:

Congratulations to you! You have won a pair of tickets to catch RAOUL’s FW12 Womens Runway Show. We’ve noted you on our rsvp list, but kindly also bring this e-invite when you register. See you at the tent on Thursday!

Oh yeay! I’m not very lucky when it comes to lucky draws and the such so although this isn’t anything particularly valuable, I got quite excited. Ha.

I hope the boy wants to come along to ogle at the models admire the clothes.


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