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miss ene is a dodo bird.

So one week ago, I decided to purchase tickets to watch ‘The Avengers’.

We haven’t been to the movies for a long time and I thought that the boy would enjoy it. Decided to check out the Premiere Screening Rooms at nex as (1) we haven’t been to one (2) it’s down the road from where we live. Spent quite a while deciding on the perfect middle-row seats for Sunday, 6th May afternoon. Put it down in my calendar as ‘Watch Avengers!!’, the 3.10pm show.

Fast forward to last Sunday afternoon.

Drove leisurely to nex at about 2.30pm and made our way to the cinema. Decided to go a bit earlier to collect tickets as well as to check out the ‘exclusive lounge’. Passed the lady at the counter my credit cards and she passed me these special tickets:

Fwah. Printed on alumninium paper, yo! Well, to be honest, it was a little hard to read the black print but never mind, very special, these tickets. I guess we are paying for the special paper and (probably) special printer ink too. Pffft.

Flashed our ticket at the elderly man checking tickets and he gestured for us to make our way up the escalator (without tearing our tickets). Went up the escalator, made our way into the lounge and was promptly met by one of the service staff. He took our tickets and ushered us to the theatre…

Just as we entered the theatre, he suddenly said:

Oh mam, your ticket says ‘2.10pm’. This is for the 3.10pm show.

Me: ………Eh?

Staff: I think you had better go to the counter downstairs to check again.

Me: ……!!!!!

We quickly hurried back downstairs and to cut a long story short, stupid me booked the 2.10pm tickets BUT STUPIDLY PUT IT IN MY CALENDAR AS 3.10PM!???!!


The boy also quipped, in a quiet voice: Actually hor, I thought you told me 2.10pm, so when you told me today that it’s 3.10pm, I didn’t ask you to check because I thought you’d know better.


The lady at the counter called the supervisor and I asked if we can watch the 3.10pm movie instead. It was in 3D (our original wasn’t) but I said that I’d top up the difference. Strangely, the supervisor looked like a deer caught in headlights and had no idea what to do. All she did was to check with some of the other staff (who looked like part-timers. Doh?). The lady at the counter and supervisor then disappeared into a room to (I assumed) call someone of higher authority who knew what to do.

After what seemed like eons, the lady at the counter finally emerged and told me that they’d send an email to the credit card company to get my original purchase reversed while I re-purchase the new 3D tickets. I said ok so basically, at this point, I paid $110 (!!) for 2 tickets to watch ‘The Avengers’ at nex’s Premiere Screening Room.

In 3D.

From the front corner row.

Which thankfully, wasn’t too bad since there were only 24 seats in the hall. She got me to write down my contact number while she took down my credit card details, all on a random piece of white paper she tore from some random place. I found it pretty strange that they don’t actually have an SOP for such incidences. We can’t be the first ones to be such dodos? Interestingly, they didn’t get my email address so I’m keeping fingers crossed that the email is sent. Maybe I should drop them an email just to check…

In other news, we did enjoy the 3D movie experience as well as the movie. The last we watched a 3D movie (LONG time ago), we both ended up with dull a headache from glasses that were too heavy and badly-fitting (from GV). This time, the 3D glasses were like ‘normal’ glasses and importantly, they were light-weight. It didn’t quite fit nicely on my face though so I had to watch it while sitting at an angle at the corner of the plush seat. But yes, the movie was very entertaining. 🙂


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