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Starting my own wrist party

I spied this 20% off everything on Karen Cheng’s blog and just had to check it out. I like accessories but can’t bring myself to pay loads of money for good quality ones. Also, I don’t fancy the cheap plastic knock-offs. So I usually end up with…no arm accessories. Well, to be very honest, my job doesn’t take to arm accessories very well because it’d jingle-jangle throughout the day and have you tried typing when you’re wearing a bracelet?

Noisy and not very comfortable.

But still, I like accessorising – bracelets, rings, necklaces. I don’t own enough of it to play around but I do like that. I guess I’m just bad at spotting good buys.

So yes, back to the 20% off. I surfed Wanderlust+Co‘s site and ooh-ed and aah-ed at the pretty accessories. Best of all, prices weren’t crazy expensive. Besides, there’s a 20% off so why not? Prices are in AUD dollars but interestingly, my package was sent from…Malaysia?!

Anyhoo, placed my order easily and after about a week, I received the goodies in a pretty box.

Opened up the box excitedly and found my 2 bracelets tenderly wrapped up in soft paper. Very good 🙂

Ta-dah! My new bracelets. Looking forward to taking them out soon!

What are some of your favourite online shops? Do share!


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