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No more quick food

Read this article in the news and my first thought: Where are we going to have our quick weekday dinners from now on? These eateries are a short walk away from where we live and we usually da bao fried rice/mee goreng from House of Seafood @180 and dine at 8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro down the road. We enjoy heading to 8 Degree because their outdoor seats allow Moon to come along. They’ve only opened last year and we eat there at least twice a month.

The article states that residents in the area complained to URA about parking and traffic woes, hence URA took action by not allowing them to renew their licenses. I suspect that whoever made the complaints must be someone rather important. How else do you explain the mega swift action?! Either that or URA got tired of answering the calls asking them to send enforcement officers to the area.

I know House of Seafood @ 180 has opened another outlet opposite Serangoon Stadium but it is a little further away from us. What about the prata shop that has been here for close to 30 years? And 8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro? Where will they be heading to?

Regardless of who made the complaints, my woe is: NEXT TIME WEEKDAY DINNER EAT WHAT?!!!



2 thoughts on “No more quick food

  1. It really sucks when familiar places are closed down by the authorities. In Singapore it seems nostalgia never trumps ‘progress’.

    Now I’m curious too…wonder who the important person who complained was. I’m sure there are more people who are unhappy to lose the eateries than people who are happy that they get their parking spaces back?

    1. Well, apparently, the ‘immediate residents’ were surveyed and an overwhelming number were upset by the parking situation. Also, the notice to leave was given a year-ish back so it wasn’t a sudden decision. Sigh….

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