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miss ene eats: The Coastal Settlement

I’ve heard of The Coastal Settlement, a relatively new F&B place in the east from a couple of friends and decided that we have to check it out. More importantly, Moon can come along too – as long as we get an outdoor table. Called to make a reservation the day before to secure a table for ‘2 adults and 1 dog’ (yes, that’s what I said over the phone) for Sunday lunch.

Thanks to Google Map and the map found on the restaurant’s website, we found the place easily. As you can tell from the pictures, it was a rather scenic drive to lunch. Very nice!

Their private car park was full (not surprising since it has pretty limited lots) but there is another public carpark just past the restaurant. You can just see it in the picture below, on the right.

How magnificent is this HUGE tree? Just had to stop and snap a picture. So green and so lush! There’s a nice wooden walkway leading from the carpark to the restaurant.

Had a bit of a problem locating the main entrance as there seemed to be many doors but we found a ‘central’ door and I went in to enquire about our table reservation. The restaurant looked pretty huge with lots of tables, both indoors and outdoors. The general vibe was relaxed and casual with none of the ‘poser’ vibe you usually find in quite a few places in Singapore.

Staff were hurrying here and there so they took a while to spot us. Once they attended to us, we were promptly shown to an outdoor table at the patio. Thankfully, it was under the shade as the sky was looking a little overcast. True enough, as if by clockwork, it started to pour 5 minutes after we settled down. Phew. Check out the colourful equipment at the playground!

The menu was pretty extensive and we took quite a while to decide what to get. Thanks to FourSquare, I read that the Portobello Fries were good so we had to get that. In the end, here’s what we ordered and what we thought of it:

An interesting twist to the usual fries for starters. Portobello mushrooms coated with biscuit crumbs served with a side of truffle mayonnaise. TWO THUMBS UP! Super duper yummy. It was a wonderful start to our lunch. The mushrooms were juicy and together with the mayonnaise, it was heavenly. A must-order! [$15]

As you can tell, we slightly overdosed on mushrooms but no biggie – they’re yummy. This was another highlight dish. The crust was thin and light but not biscuit-thin. You can’t tell from the picture but nestled under the wagyu beef slices were caramalised onion bits. The combination of caramalised onions, grilled wagyu beef slices and mushrooms were DA BOMB. Mmmm….Also, I like that the pizza size wasn’t insanely huge. Served on a chopping board, it was just nice for the 2 of us to share. [$23]

We decided to try one of the Asian dishes on the menu and went with curry chicken served with baguette. The curry was flavourful and thick, similar to Peranakan-style curry. There was also a hint of lemongrass in the gravy. The meat from the chicken fell off the bones easily which is a definite plus point in my books. I also like that the baguette served were thinly sliced so you can still look elegant (and not have to struggle with trying to bite off chunks of bread!) while stuffing your face with curry chicken. Hur hur. [$15]

I’ve got to state upfront that I’m not a coffee expert but I quite enjoyed the cup of mocha. Check out the nice frothy head! The iced lemon tea was pretty normal and it was served with a side of syrup. [$5 for iced lemon tea; $6 for mocha]

I spotted this on the menu and just had to get it because I was hankering after a slice yesterday. I’ve tried the one from Coffee Daily and wanted to see how this measured up. I must say that the presentation’s lovely with the strawberry slices at the side and the caramel dripping down the sides. Taste-wise, it was decent but in my opinion, at $12 a slice (so expensive!!), I preferred the one at the Coffee Daily which was cheaper and better.

While we dined, Moon sat at our feet. She was really excited by the new surroundings at first but soon settled down. I guess the cool weather helped too. There were a couple of other dogs present as well. Yeay to pet-friendly F&B places!

The total bill came up to $89.50 after 10% service charge and GST. Not the cheapest but we did have a delicious lunch in lovely surroundings.

We’d definitely be back. Just remember to call ahead for reservations!

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
Tel: 6475 0200


4 thoughts on “miss ene eats: The Coastal Settlement

  1. Wow, looks like you all had a nice time. Agree, the food looks delicious as well, cant wait to go there myself. One can never over-indulge in mushrooms. Thanks for the tips on what to order.

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