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A wedding gift

Sometime back, I wrote about one of my closest friends, Miss V, in this entry. She will be getting married next weekend and as much as we would have loved to, we will not be making the long trip to London for the wedding. Darn. As we won’t be there, it was only right that I send her a wedding gift. I thought long and hard and in the end, decided that I’d choose a couple of traditional Chinese wedding items to be sent to her.

Headed to The Chinese Wedding Shop at Ang Mo Kio Central as we were in the vicinity for lunch. It was the perfect place to put together my gift!

Everything related to a chinese wedding can be found under one roof and in the end, I picked out these items:

  • A miniature betrothal (过大礼) basket
  • Couple’s towel (part of dowry)
  • A pair of wooden clogs (part of dowry)
  • A pair of Double Happiness (双喜) chopsticks with mandarin duck holders (symbolising wedded bliss and fidelity)
  • A suckling pig magnet (!)

I just had to get the suckling pig magnet! How cute is it?

At our betrothal (过大礼) ceremony before our wedding, one of the items presented to my family from the boy was a suckling pig. I just thought that Miss V should get one too. Well, a mini one in the form of a magnet that she can stick on her fridge. Heh. Notice how the magnetic pig has red ribbons in its head and tail? Attention to detail eh? Compare it to the real pig:

Tee hee hee.

Of course, I included a red packet with the gifts as well. Can’t have a chinese wedding without the red packet, right? The package will be sent out by express mail on Saturday morning so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’d reach her in time for her wedding!


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