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miss ene goes roller-blading….

…and takes a tumble. Boo.

Miss PR and I met up at Lorong Halus Wetland (her first visit!) to go roller-blading. It was a blazing hot Sunday afternoon and when we met at 5.30pm, the sun was still mighty fierce. RAH. We put on our blades (she’s got a new pair too!) and off we went.

Less than 10 minutes into our session, I lost my balance and fell in an awkward manner, i.e. legs were on an inverted V-shape. Go figure. I was momentarily stunned because I couldn’t move. OMGOMGOMGOMG, I was thinking. I can’t take falls very well these days since I’m no longer 18 years old. The boy rushed over with Moon – they were running ahead – and helped me up to a nearby bench. Finally, after stretching my left leg out for a bit, I felt normal enough again to continue. Phew.

The sun was relentless which made roller-blading very tiring, especially since I’m inexperienced. I had to concentrate really hard while trying to ignore the sun rays beating down on my face. Grrrr.

Thankfully, there were benches dotting the straight road that we were on so we’d take frequent breaks. Heh.

I was glad that I didn’t fall again after but I can feel the muscle strain on my left thigh. Fingers crossed I can get out of bed tomorrow. Gulp.

But it was good fun! And we’re still looking for a 3rd person to join us for private roller-blading classes (1 hour per week, Sunday evenings at Bishan Park. $100 per person for 4 lessons). Let me know if you’re interested to join!


4 thoughts on “miss ene goes roller-blading….

  1. You can go to a blade shop and get your ball bearings changed to lousier ones so your blades don’t go too fast. Once you get your license, you can put the good ones back in.

  2. hihi,
    i very much want to try blading also!! everytime i jogged, & see the cyclists, bladers zooming past me, i felt like dying.
    but i never had the guts to do it.
    anyway, i sent my kiddo to inlinex.
    they have classes at punggol park every weekend. you can check them out. they have adult classes & private class too.
    hv fun!

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