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Hello again, Tokyo!

It was my first time flying on ANA and I must say I was mighty impressed! For starters, we each got a snack pack which included an entire bottle of water (unlike some airlines where they give you some water in a small plaster cup), a pack of chips, a small bar of Tolberone and a wet wipe. Very service-oriented, very Japanese. The quality of the in-flight blanket and earphones were also a lot better than our national airline. Will definitely consider flying with them again.

After the red-eye flight (where I took a seasick pill and it knocked me out so I could sleep on the plane – awesome!), we arrive at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and headed to the Airport Limousine counter to purchase the bus tickets to Shinjuku Station.

You can’t quite tell from the pictures but it was freezing! Well, we just came from a hot tropical country of 32 degrees and entered a land of 10 degrees. Brrrr. In fact, it was so cold that while waiting for the limousine bus to arrive, I had to pull out my boots from the luggage. Thank God for them. And here’s my just-got-off-flight no-make-up face, complete with hairband and (big) sunglasses. Very important so as not to scare innocent passersby.

After checking into Citadines Shinjuku Tokyo, we took a walk around the area. Walked past an arcade where one could try their hand at picking – believe it or not – bottles of sauce for pork and Hokkaido potatoes. We stood there in awe for a bit. Only in Japan!

Gorgeous fresh flowers at a florist at Shinjuku.

Bought this pretty ring at one of the train station shops.

We also spent quite a bit of time traipsing around the supermarkets of Isetan and Takashimaya. They have such lovely food stuff! Mum and I spent a lot of time ooh-ing and aah-ing at the various goods on display.

These albino-like strawberries were supposed to be sweet with a sour tinge. Mum bought some but couldn’t decide what’s so special about it. Heh.

Normal-looking strawberries. The ones we are familiar with. How luscious!

After a bout of random shopping at the Shinjuku area, we stopped for tea at Takashimaya’s basement. This slice of cake costs about S$8. But it was soooo good. Light, fluffy and not too sweet. Yums.

Did I mention these wonderful lockers at the train stations? They were a god-sent! We’d end up with lots of shopping bags and with no one to carry them for us (i.e. the boy), we had to lug them around on our own. It was insanely tiring! Thankfully, these lockers came to the rescue and we’d stick all our shopping bags into them before erm, doing more shopping. They weren’t exactly cheap at 300yen (S$4.60) but we were happy to pay to free up our hands.

We spent quite a bit of time at Shibuya as well, specially Shibuya 101. The sister wanted a pair of sneakers and we all went hunting for it. There were also a tiny pet stall selling really cute puppies and exotic animals (squirrel monkey?!) but I felt a bit sad for them. The puppies were looking quite cold, huddling against each other for warmth. Poor lil’ things…

Waiting for the train.

Inside Shibuya 101. Titty co?! Really?

Puppies going for 99,900 yen (S$1545). They were sooo tiny!

The lone squirrel monkey for sale. Only 699,000 yen or S$10,815. (!!)

I did expect it to be cold but I guess I under-estimated just how cold it would be! This is me on one of the days where I tried to do the layering thing with my summer dress. Not the most fashion-forward but the brown coat and boots (which I got in Zara Shanghai because it was so damn cold and I really wanted a pair of nice warm boots!) were most awesome. Kept me nice and warm. The scarf was useful too! These 3 items became my staple throughout the trip and I pretty much only changed what I wore under.

We also checked out Ginza and went to one of the largest and oldest toy stores in Japan called Hakuhinkan Toy Park. There were floors after floors of toys and you can spend quite a bit of time exploring. Check out the R2D2 soya sauce bottles!


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