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I felt the earth move…

…under my couch.

Hello from Tokyo! And yes, I experienced my very first earthquake earlier this evening at the lobby of Citadines Shinjuku. Mum and I were tinkering with our phones when I felt the ground jiggle. I thought I was dreaming but when I looked at my mum, she looked like she felt the same too. I then saw the plants behind her quiver (in fear?) and the beaded curtains sway.

One lady guest came to the reception and insisted to change her room, from level 5 to level 2. She was in a bit of a panic! Thankfully, the hotel obliged and she ran off to pack her luggage.

It was over in less than 30 seconds but I was rather excited. Such a suaku.


2 thoughts on “I felt the earth move…

  1. Maybe that panicked lady doesn’t realise that if the hotel collapses, she’ll be under 3 EXTRA stories of rubble?

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